Eng. Jorge Kuljis is appointed representative of Bolivia to the Croatian World Congress

Eng. Jorge Kuljis becomes Bolivia's representative at Croatian World Congress
Eng. Jorge Kuljis becomes Bolivia’s representative at Croatian World Congress

Eng. Jorge Kuljis has been appointed representative of Bolivia to the Croatian World Congress. Jorge 51 years old, is an industrial engineer, member of the Croatian community in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. In addition, Jorge is the founder and president of leading companies in creating new forms of business based on electronics and digital technology in Bolivia. In 2013 he won recognition as one of the 50 most influential people in Bolivia. As Social Media Manager of DOBAR DAN SANTA CRUZ I have had the opportunity to know Jorge for more than three years, finding him a very friendly, simple, creative, intelligent person with new and innovative ideas, always visionary he looks beyond the projects the obvious, having a strong sense of Bolivian identity and humanity, in short Jorge is a person who by his Croatian roots and his Bolivian identity is an ideal representative of the Croatian community in Bolivia.
The Croatian World Congress (HSK for its initials in Croatian) is the representative organ of Croats outside Croatia. It is a voluntary association of representative Croatian authorities, communities, organizations and public officials from around the world and the country. One of his goals is to establish a national congress in countries where Croats live.
Founded in early July 1993. Its headquarters are in New York. In June 1998 the Congress (HSK) was admitted to the United Nations as an international non-governmental organization with consultative status.
It currently operates in 31 countries, which include: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Montenegro, Chile, Denmark, France, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand , Germany, Peru, Romania, United States, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay and the United Kingdom.

The 6 main objectives are:
• Strengthen links of Croats in the world with Croatia as the central creative force and strengthen solidarity between the Croatian communities around the world;
• Helping to ensure the rights, position and interests of the Croatian communities and defend them where they are denied, violated or threatened;
• Support and assist the creative development of social, religious, cultural and sporting life of Croatians around the world;
• Coordinate the efforts of the Croatian communities and associations in resolving Croatian political, economic, social, religious and cultural issues;
• To represent and act on behalf of communities and organizations of the Croatian World Congress to the government and within the government and with other foreign institutions and the country of origin regarding issues Croats as a whole;
• The Croatian World Congress seeks to cooperate with all nations based on the universal ideals of democracy, peace, freedom and justice.

Working committees of the Croatian World Congress that operate globally and nationally in the following areas:

• Committee for charity,
• Committee for reconstruction and investment
• Committee for culture and sport, education and links with the homeland
• Committee for advertising and information
• Committee for the return to Croatia and Immigration
• Youth Committee.
Congratulations again to Mr. Jorge Kuljis in his appointment as representative of the Croatian community in Bolivia before the Croatian World Congress and wish him every success ” Article prepared by: Alejandra Pavisich. Sources: Stephen Asic and Croatian World Congress.

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