First direct flight from the United States to Croatia starting on June 7th, 2019 from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik

By Alejandra Pavisich
The Dubrovnik International Airport, released the following statement, highlighting this important milestone for the first direct flight from the United States to Croatia after 28 years of not having a direct flight connecting Croatia to the United States.  “Opening of the new airline route for the summer of 2019.  On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that the Republic of Croatia will be directly linked to the United States after long 28 years, and thanks to long-term negotiations between Dubrovnik and American Airlines. Dubrovnik and the United States will be linked from June 7th 2019 to  September  27th, 2019, three times a week with the us city of Philadelphia, and will circulate the world’s largest aviation carrier “American airlines”.
American Airlines is a member of the world Aviation Association “Oneworld” and currently owns 955 aircraft and employs 122.000 employees. More 6.700 flights to 350 destinations daily. For Dubrovnik, it will fly the type of aircraft Boeing 767-300 with a capacity of 28 high luxury seats in the business class and 181 seat in the economy class, and the entire flight will be available for wi-fi service.
Philadelphia, located in the state of Pennsylvania, is the largest hub of American Airlines on the east coast and the most important airport for the entire United States. On behalf of American Airlines Vice President of the flight planning company, Mr. Raja said the following: “Philadelphia is the largest hub of American Airlines in the northeast of the United States and offers connecting with the rest of the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The most important destinations are Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, New Orleans and the Bahamas.”
Given the growing number of tourists from the United States to the Dubrovnik area, we consider this a huge advanced for Dubrovnik and the entire Republic of Croatia.” Dubrovnik International Airport