Public call for 2019-2020 Croaticum program to learn Croatian in Croatia. Deadline is July 1st, 2019

By Alejandra Pavisich.

On Friday, May 31, 2019 the State Office for Croatians outside Croatia, published the 2019-2020 public call for the program of partial scholarships to study Croatian in Croatia called CROATICUM. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2019.

The application to this program is done electronically through a website portal. The information is in Croatian, Spanish and English and candidates can apply in any of the 3 languages. This year priority in the scoring is given to people under 36 years of age. It is emphasized that the payment of Croatian health insurance is mandatory for the people who attend the scholarship. In addition, cadidates who have a higher education degree (college, graduate school), who are active participants of the Croatian communities to which they belong, and who have a very strong motivation to study Croatian, will receive more points. The non-Croatian spouse of the Croatian descendant who can document the marriage and Croatian descent of the spouse of Croatian descent can also apply to the scholarship.

To obtain additional points candidates can submit a copy of a certificate clearly stating that the candidate is an active member of a group of Croats, or of a Croatian community.

There are 250 scholarships available in the Croatian learning program that will take place in the cities of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek. If you have questions about the scholarship, please contact the Office for Croatians outside of Croatia via e-mail at  or by phone calling + 385 (0) 1 / 6444-683, from 10 am to 3 pm Croatian time.

To visit the application portal and begin the application please go to:
To read about the public call and the instructions to apply visit the following link:

Instructions to fill out the application can be found on the following file, please download it in the following link, it has instructions in English, Spanish and Croatian:

HRT: Croaticum students sign Croatian language contracts in Zagreb

Article and photos by Mariana Campera – HRT – La Voz de Croacia (Croatia’s Voice originally in Spanish)

Translated by: Alejandra Pavisich

The State Office for Croats Abroad, a government office of the Republic of Croatia awarded 233 scholarships to study Croatian in Croatia and on the internet for the academic year 2017/2018. This is the largest amount of grants awarded in a single year In the State Office for Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia, the grants allow students to learn Croatian for semester long courses at the universities of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. In Zagreb, 56 students who are members of the Croatian people that live outside Croatia, and come from about 20 countries, who are mostly from South American countries, signed their individual scholarship contracts for the study of the Croatian  language, both in person and through the Internet for the academic year 2017/2018.
In the five years that this Office has been granting the scholarships, between 2012 and 2017, 986 scholarships were awarded to 711 students of “Croaticum Program”. The scholarships include the costs of the Croatian language course at the Faculties of Philosophy of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka, as well as the costs of subsidized food in university cafeterias, as well as part of the accommodation costs.

Photo by: Mariana Campera
Photo by: Mariana Campera

Jorge Ivan Higinson Grgurić is from Lima and this is his second time in Croatia. He began to learn the Croatian language in Peru, and as soon as he learned about the possibility of applying to the scholarship,  he decided to apply to study in the Croaticum program. Jorge considers that this is an excellent initiative for those who are interested in living in Croatia,  and for those who wish to contribute to the improvement of Croatia. “Let them come”, says Jorge, “and give the best of themselves.”

Photo by: Mariana Campera
Photo by: Mariana Campera

Tomás Gadze is from Argentina and has been in Croatia for a week. He was extremely grateful for the opportunity offered by the State Office to young Croatians from all over the world and stressed that he would take full advantage of this possibility.
The aim of this program is to connect Croatians from all over the world with the country from which their ancestors came from, so that they learn about the traditions and the legacy of their ancestors,  through the learning of the Croatian language.


Ivana Perkušić, deputy secretary of the State Office for Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia, told the new students that the Office, through the Croatian Language Learning Program, wants to promote and strengthen the link between Croatians living abroad and its Croatian homeland. These intentions are also reflected in the number of scholarships and grants approved, this year, which are the  largest amount of scholarships to date.

Photo by: Mariana Campera

Most Croaticum students have Croatian roots, and their desire is to stay in the country of their ancestors. But many of those who decide to return to their country of origin transmit their knowledge to other members of their Croatian community. The importance of this program for Croatian youth around the world was also reflected in last year’s experiences.”

Source: Original article in Spanish:  La Voz de Croacia “Se firmaron los contratos para estudiar croata en Croacia” by Mariana Campera

Original photos by: Mariana Campera