HRT: Croaticum students sign Croatian language contracts in Zagreb

Article and photos by Mariana Campera – HRT – La Voz de Croacia (Croatia’s Voice originally in Spanish)

Translated by: Alejandra Pavisich

The State Office for Croats Abroad, a government office of the Republic of Croatia awarded 233 scholarships to study Croatian in Croatia and on the internet for the academic year 2017/2018. This is the largest amount of grants awarded in a single year In the State Office for Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia, the grants allow students to learn Croatian for semester long courses at the universities of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. In Zagreb, 56 students who are members of the Croatian people that live outside Croatia, and come from about 20 countries, who are mostly from South American countries, signed their individual scholarship contracts for the study of the Croatian  language, both in person and through the Internet for the academic year 2017/2018.
In the five years that this Office has been granting the scholarships, between 2012 and 2017, 986 scholarships were awarded to 711 students of “Croaticum Program”. The scholarships include the costs of the Croatian language course at the Faculties of Philosophy of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka, as well as the costs of subsidized food in university cafeterias, as well as part of the accommodation costs.

Photo by: Mariana Campera
Photo by: Mariana Campera

Jorge Ivan Higinson Grgurić is from Lima and this is his second time in Croatia. He began to learn the Croatian language in Peru, and as soon as he learned about the possibility of applying to the scholarship,  he decided to apply to study in the Croaticum program. Jorge considers that this is an excellent initiative for those who are interested in living in Croatia,  and for those who wish to contribute to the improvement of Croatia. “Let them come”, says Jorge, “and give the best of themselves.”

Photo by: Mariana Campera
Photo by: Mariana Campera

Tomás Gadze is from Argentina and has been in Croatia for a week. He was extremely grateful for the opportunity offered by the State Office to young Croatians from all over the world and stressed that he would take full advantage of this possibility.
The aim of this program is to connect Croatians from all over the world with the country from which their ancestors came from, so that they learn about the traditions and the legacy of their ancestors,  through the learning of the Croatian language.


Ivana Perkušić, deputy secretary of the State Office for Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia, told the new students that the Office, through the Croatian Language Learning Program, wants to promote and strengthen the link between Croatians living abroad and its Croatian homeland. These intentions are also reflected in the number of scholarships and grants approved, this year, which are the  largest amount of scholarships to date.

Photo by: Mariana Campera

Most Croaticum students have Croatian roots, and their desire is to stay in the country of their ancestors. But many of those who decide to return to their country of origin transmit their knowledge to other members of their Croatian community. The importance of this program for Croatian youth around the world was also reflected in last year’s experiences.”

Source: Original article in Spanish:  La Voz de Croacia “Se firmaron los contratos para estudiar croata en Croacia” by Mariana Campera

Original photos by: Mariana Campera

HR4EU website to learn Croatian online for free

HR4EU Portal to learn Croatian online for free
Ambassador Nives Malenica shared the good news about HR4EU a website where you can learn Croatian online for free. Since 2012, it is mandatory for applicants of the Croatian citzenship to know the Croatian language, and take the exam the Croatian citizenship exam in Croatian to apply for Croatian citizenship. The portal has 5 levels: basic, intermediate, advanced, Croatian for college students and Croatian for business. However, you don’t obtain a certificate by completing the course, the material included corresponds generally to the A2 level of the Common European Framework for languages, namely the basic level of knowledge of the language. To access the site visit:

Below the letter from Ambassador Malenica on the subject: “Dear all,
The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Chile is pleased to inform the Croatian community in the countries covered (Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru) that we have just received news from Croatia regarding the creation of a portal for Croatian language learning that is completely free of charge.

The portal, HR4EU, was developed by linguists and Croatian scholars of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, with funding from the European Social Fund. One of the objectives of the portal, is precisely the promotion of the Croatian language among members of the Croatian diaspora in the world and the idea is for students to acquire knowledge of Croatia in general.

Learning Croatian through the HR4EU portal is accessible through five free courses, of which three are general: Beginner Course (initial level), Intermediate Course (intermediate level) and Advanced Course (Advanced level). In addition, two courses are available for special user groups: Croatian for Business Users (for business users) and Croatian for Students (Croatian for college students). Although a certificate is not obtained by completing the course, the material included corresponds generally to the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, i.e. the basic level of knowledge of the language. In addition, courses will be useful for those who are already studying Croatian, as a source of additional material to deepen their training.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.50.19 PM

Along with the aforementioned courses Croatian language, the HR4EU portal will offer, through nine interactive maps, a range of information about Croatia, its culture, history and gastronomy. Also, practical information related to the stay and studies in Croatia will be offered, which could may be useful to anyone seeking to travel to Croatia, especially students.

The portal content is accessible in Croatian and English and the courses have been developed in English.

However, there is still no Spanish version of HR4EU, and we expect that users who speak the English language will find this portal helpful, while we hope that in the near future this great project will expand and consider a version in Spanish, which would be extremely important for the Croatian communities in Latin America.

For further information, please send an email to:

Hoping this news have a great interest to all who wish to know more about Croatia, and especially for those who want to learn the language of their ancestors.

Kind regards,
Nives Malenica
Croatian Embassy
Veleposlanstvo Republike Hrvatske or Santiagu
Ezequias Allende 2370, Providencia – Santiago, Chile “. Note: Alejandra Pavisich. Images: HR4EU “
Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.50.57 PM

Croatian Internet course HiT-1, cost € 500 March 7 to May 29, 2016 (registration deadline 22 February 2016)

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.41.14 AM
HiT-1 Croatian internet course

Croatian Internet course HiT-1, cost € 500 March 7 to May 29, 2016 (registration deadline 22 February 2016). Croatian course in e-learning. This is a course of Croatian internet I’ve had the opportunity to conclude a few days ago, thanks to a scholarship program Croaticum granted by the State Office for Croats outside Croatia they awarded these grants in its annual competition held in May 2015 is the best course I have taken Croatian to date, ideal for people who work, or study or do not have the time to travel to Croatia to learn the language. For its quality standard and it is addressed to people who are adults and responsible commitment involved login and learn at home. It is very pleasant, very interactive and teachers are excellent Spanish and English spoken. One meets with them 2 times a week in 45-minute sessions via Skype. The teachers, native speakers of Croatian, which are in Zagreb, Croatia. It is very easy to live sessions on Skype during lunch hours or at breakfast. Lic. Alejandra Pavisich MBA, Social Media Manager Dobar dan SANTA CRUZ. A further course details:

Organized by…
The University of Zagreb, the Croatian Heritage Foundation and the Center for Computer Science, University offering courses of e-learning of the Croatian language entry level. The course is designed for people without previous knowledge of Croatian or very basic knowledge of the language.
The course format called distance learning e-learning through a learning management system (LMS) and also through experienced instructors teaching languages ​​(Croatian native speakers) through Skype or Webinar. The course is not offered in a form of software that can be bought and used after the end of the course, it is in the form of interactive teaching materials accessible on the LMS for the duration of the course.
The course is based on the Moodle LMS, therefore, it requires that the course participants have basic computer skills. The e-learning course consists of 7 units to be completed in 12 weeks. Participants have two weeks to complete a main unit (the main units are units 2-6), while Unit 1 and Unit 7 have to be completed within a week. The drive unit 1 is the introduction, while Unit 7 consists of exercises for review and a final exam. Each unit ends with a short quiz that shows student progress. Tests can only take a period of time set in advance.
To successfully complete the course, students need to pass regular time reading, writing and practicing the language by the activities and program assignments. The activity of students in the e-course is the equivalent of attending a class in which students attend a regular classroom or physical, that is, it is an important part of the study process. Therefore, the participants do not demonstrate their activity within a lesson for two weeks were accounted as having left the course.
Although the learning process within each unit lasts for a period of two weeks, the process is independent and individual, that is, the study participants is at their own pace; Participants are required to communicate with the instructor twice a week at a scheduled time (real time communication online). If participants can not participate in a scheduled online meeting they must inform the instructor of it at least one day in advance. Cancelled classes can not be taken later.
Structure of Units
Each unit consists of texts that aim to develop communicative competence with a focus on basic grammatical structures. All important explanations are provided in Croatian, English and Spanish language.
Each unit consists of:
written and oral version of a text
vocabulary and grammar exercises
pronunciation activities
Self-assessment activities
interactive language activities
Cultural information
tests of vocabulary and grammar after each unit
Final exam
The final exam consists of two parts: written and oral part. The written part consists of communication questions, grammar and a short essay about a familiar topic. The oral part of the exam consists of a prepared speech or presentation and an interview with the examination committee. The oral part of the examination will be made by Skype or Webinar at a scheduled time.
Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate of attendance and a grade report from the University of Zagreb. Participants not any part of the final examination will receive only a confirmation of your participation in the course.
Technical requirements
basic computer skills
computer with speakers / headphones, microphone (required)
Internet connection (broadband recommended)
The current version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla ®
Cost: The course costs € 500
The participant has been officially registered for the course when the University of Zagreb receives the amount of tuition. After registration, the participant will receive the password for the course by e-mail. Upon enrollment in the course, the participant will receive a password by e-mail to be used in the system of e-Learning. A week after taking the final examination, the login password is not valid.
Note: All fees are non-refundable. In the event the applicant withdraws from the course at any time fees paid will not be returned.
Deadline for registration and payment of academic rate: 22 February 2016
For more detailed information, and send the registration form for the course, please contact us by e-mail at:
University of Zagreb
Croatian course e-learning
(Marija Bošnjak / Lidija Cvikić)
Croatian Heritage Foundation
Department of Education, Science and Sports
(Lada Kanajet Šimić)